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Marko Djordjevic - PhD, Associate Professor


Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Studentski trg 16
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
E-mail: dmarko@bio.bg.ac.rs


Diploma, Faculty of Physics, U. of Belgrade, Serbia
PhD (Biophysics), Department of Physics, Columbia U., USA
Postdoc, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State U., USA


Computational systems biology, mostly gene expression and its regulation. Current focus is on bioinformatics and modeling bacterial immune systems (CRISPR/Cas and restriction-modification systems).

Computational systems biology group

I am leading a group doing research in modeling of biological systems and bioinformatics.
The research is supported by  European Union (FP7),   Serbian Ministry of Science  and  Swiss Science National Foundation.
Please contact me if you are interested in joining.
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