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Jelena Guzina

The group

The group is multidisciplinary, including people with both biology and more quantitative background (physics, mathematics). Most PhD students are enrolled at the University of Belgrade multidisciplinary PhD program in Biophysics (spanning a number of different Faculties).

PhD students

Jelena Guzina (bioinformatics - CRISPR/Cas, bacteriophages)
Andjela Rodic (modeling bacterial immune systems)
Milos Nikolic (bioinformatics of transcription initiation)
Tamara Stankovic (bioinformatics - CRISPR/Cas, sigma factors)


(Institute of Physics Belgrade)

Dr. Magdalena Djordjevic
Dr. Igor Salom
Dr. Branko Dragovic
Bojana Blagojevic (modeling bacterial immune systems)
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